Every couple is special... every couple is different and so are their likes and dislikes. After a beautiful wedding a much awaited moment is the Honeymoon.
Most of us give much importance to the wedding ceremony and book the honeymoon’s on the last moment which results in lot of compromises and sacrifices. Why do so? After all honeymoons don’t last forever...

This is your time, time to know each other and time to cherish. Break the rules and go get it. Plan your honeymoon your way; customize your holiday as per your requirements, likes and dislikes. Tell us what you dream and we will craft an ultimate experience that will be as unique as you and as exclusive as your signature...
Hence we call it Signature honeymoons- Need we say anything more?
We have a range of options to suggest you and nothing make us happier then crafting an experience as per our client’s requirements.
The great Emperor Shahjahan wouldn’t have built a marvelous Taj Mahal for his wife if he would have invited tenders and accepted the lowest bid. Everything exclusive always comes for an extra cost but it’s worth it as it’s your honeymoon! For those who are looking for unique experiences but are little pressed on the budget, we still can find great solutions for you, as for us every couple is special.

Luxury Yacht

If more the merrier works for you then ask for a luxury Yacht. An experience in itself! Spend your days aboard the luxurious yacht; indulge in a complete privacy of your cabin, enjoy the delicious seafood, dive into the ocean and swim with the dolphins, go underwater into discovering a new world.

Good News!!! For all those who always associated Yacht experiences as expensive, here’s your time to think otherwise. Now you can gift a 2 hour yacht experience to your wife on your honeymoon and we can assure you it would be the most memorable gift she would have ever received. Yes! You read it right; we can provide you a luxurious yacht on hourly basis too and that too in India. You can opt for a dinner for two or for a romantic overnight stay. Choose to cruise now

Walk the Wilderness

Imagine waking up at the chirping of a golden oriole than an alarm, walking out of your tree house than a hotel room, having breakfasts at the machaan with the monkeys than in a restaurant, going for long walks in the wilderness than sightseeing and having an adrenaline gush every time to see him… The Tiger

We don’t relate the wilderness experience confined to the Tiger alone, the entire flora and fauna is so inviting and each jungle / sanctuary has its own charisma… Ask a true wildlife enthusiast and they will tell you each jungle has its own saga…

There’s no beautiful way of spending your honeymoon than taking your beloved back to the times of the origin. Many may not relate a wilderness experience to a honeymoon experience, but only few would take the path less travelled…World is full of surprises, you will be surprised to discover the unknown.

Forts & Palaces

Relive the bygone era of Raja’s and Maharajas, if Royalty is on your mind we have a platter for you. Imagine luxuriating in the exclusive and intimate residence of the Royal family, taking a long drive in a vintage car, staying in an exclusive Maharani suite… we call it an experience larger than life.

Choose from an array of forts and palaces in India and abroad. The best things in life are all tailor made. Design your extravagant experience today and let the good times roll…

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